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tree crops

I believe that the presence of the precise dry-tolerance crops is a secret, which should go in some way to provide food security in the world, which is in the resurrection plants, which is in a very old state. You can think that these plants are dead, but they are not. Let them water, and they will start growing, green, growing in 12 to 48 hours.

Now, why do I suggest that driving-tolerance is to go to the food safety providing the production of crops? Well, the current world around the United States and 75 billion has been estimated that by 2050, we will be between 9 and 10 billion people, with the bulk of this inverter .

The food and agricultural organizations of the world have suggested that to meet the demand, the existing agricultural exercises require increased 70 percent. Given that the plants on the basis of the food chain, it is coming from the most plants.

type of tree’s

tree's crops
tree’s crops

The percentage of 70 percent does not take the potential effects of climate change. It has been taken from a study by Dabube in 2011, where he kept all possible effects of climate change and expressed them – due to the lack of trends due to lack of trends, arrested due to the lack of trends.

In the red areas shown here, there are areas such as unless there is very successful for agriculture, but due to the lack of rain, it can not be done so far. This situation has been predicted to be in 2050. Most of Africa, in fact, most of the world are going to trouble. We are going to think about some smart methods of food production and less than one, some dry-tolerance crops

The other thing is that Africa is about to remember that most of them have rainfall. Now, the easiest thing in the world of dry-tolerance is not the easiest thing. And the reason for water is water for this on the planet, all the living, actively involve the lively to the organisms, from the patient and I, mainly involved in water.

Are trees considered agriculture?

All life reactions happen in water. And loss of a small amountof water results in death. You and I are 65 percent water — we lose one percent of that, we die. But we can make behavioralchanges to avoid that. Plants can’t. They’re stuck in the ground. And so in the first instance they havea little bit more water than us, about 95 percent water, and they can losea little bit more than us, like 10 to about 70 percent,depending on the species, but for short periods only.

Most of them are trying to oppose or lose the loss of water either. Therefore extreme examples of resistors can be found in Sukul. They are small, very attractive, but they keep on their own costs at their own watt that they grow very slowly. Examples of avoiding water charges found in trees and bushes

They send very deep roots, my heritage water supply and flame them all the time, keeping them hydrated. On the right side one is called Baobab, it is also called the reverse-down tree, just because the roots of sheets are very good, it seems that the tons have been reversed. And of course the root is necessary for the hydration of that plant. And perhaps the most common strategy is found in the rescue annual.

The annual bulk ups our plant food supply. On the west coast of my country, Yasreo does not see much vegetable development. But come in the spring rain, you get it: the flower of the desert. The strategy in the annual, is to grow in the rainy season, only one seed production is at the end of that season, which is dry, eight to 10 percent of water, but very alive. And anything else seems to be still dry and still alive, we say fast-tolerance. In the desecacted state, the time can pass in the extreme limits of time for long periods of time.

biomass trees and crops

tree's crops
tree’s crops

The next time the rainy season comes, they germinate and grow, and the entire cycle just starts again. It is widely considered that for the development, the award-to-the-overall seed allowed the radiation of colonization and plants or organs of the plants. But supplied our major food items for annual assistance.

Wheat, rice and maize farm 39 Our plant food supply and it is a great strategy because in a small place of time you can produce many seeds. Seeds are energy-richo, there are many food calories, you can store it during the time of the time of time, but there is a negative side. Vegetable tissues, roots and holy, resin, or dependingness of annual leaves are not much through the characteristics.

They do not just need them, they grow in the rainy season and helps them to survive the rest for a year. And in spite of concert, defense, defendation and tolerance, in the agriculture, the resistance, rescue and tolerance are to complete the crops with the improvement of the resistance and especially because they have good modeling which we understand what we do – we still get such images. Mecca crop in Africa, two weeks without rain and it is dead. A solution is: Resurrection plants.

trees can a tree planter plant

These plants can lose 95 percent in their cellular water, many dried, dead-live months in months, and give them water, they make green and re-grow. Like seeds, these ereccence-tolerant seeds can face attacks from the environment of the environment. And it’s a very rare event.

This is only 135 flourishlapt species that can do this. I am going to show you a video of the resurrection process of these three species in that order. And below, a time is Axisso you can see how quickly it is (applause) very amazing, huh? That’s why I spent the last 21 years after understanding how they do it. How to dry these plants without die? And I work on various types of resurrection plants for many reasons, which are shown in hydrated and dry states for many reasons.

One of them is that these plants acts as a model for a crop that I needed to make dry-tolerant. For example, extreme upper left, one is grass, it is called Eragosstis Nick Indis, it has got a close leakage eragostus TEF – you know many as “TF” – it is a staple meal in Ethiopia, it is glued free, and it is something that we want to make us dry dry-tolerant.

The other reason for viewing other plants, that is, at least initially, I wanted to find out: Do they do the same thing? Are they all used the same mechanism so that water can not lose and die? Therefore, I have done the comprehensive understanding of the system science biology approach to the extensive understanding of the endlessness, in which we see everything from the molecular whole plant, the eco-friendly. For example, we look like things like plants, which they dried and dry their ultrastructure.


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