best pashupalan agriculture tips(2020)

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pashupalan agriculture tips

pashupalan agriculture tips Hi! Let’s find out why is Dairy called Cruel! Let’s know The Dairy Story ? The cattle used in a Dairy let’s see how their Life is.

We start with a female calf This female Calf that’s born and Enters into the Dairy Industry As soon as she is born she is quickly separated from her mother because the mother’s milk is for someone else this baby grows separated from her mother she is given formula milk Growth hormones, Steroids Steroids.

Antibiotics are given So that she is never fall sick And she quickly grows to full size She bulks up quickly As soon as she is of 15 months 15 months ! In reality she is still very young But has physically grow big So as soon as she is 15 month old She is made Pregnant She is only 15 months old !!

Cattles live for 20-25 years So technically at 15 months she is still young At 15th month, she is artificially inseminated. Artificially made pregnant Which is a very cruel process One hand is inserting deep up their rectum to stimulate the uterus Then a steel rod is inserted up her Genitals to reach deep inside In this way the cows are made pregnant Anyway now she is pregnant Through a process, which is very painful and cruel A very invasive and abusive process.

pashupalan agriculture tips
pashupalan agriculture tips

Once she become pregnant, she gives birth after 9 months Means she delivers on the 24th months, 15 + 9 = 24 months. On the 24th month, she delivers her first baby. As soon as she delivers, Motherhood takes over, she starts milking, But her calf is separated from her.

Yes, the calves are separated as soon as they are born If a female calf is born Then the same cycle will be repeated with her if male calf is born, then he is of no use to the dairy industry Male calves are killed. Either by tying them a far So that it dies due from hunger. We didn’t kill it, it died on its own of hunger.

Or the calf is sold, the owner is free from its cruel fortune. Released for publishing or push. In congratulations, the male tap is killed for leather or his soft meat, which is a humility. For a man, it is a short story, they die within a day or her birth, welfare repeat the same abusive cycle because their mother missed his child, motherhood takes it, it takes for crying for months. For more than times, there is no calf.

The cow prevents giving at milk, to avoid this, they mean “whale” “means that the children are stuffed and hungry around the mother, so that they can smell their child and breastfeed. Avoid avoiding milk and more and more milk cows are injected with oxytocin, a hormone oxytocin injection is extremely painful, which feels very inconvenience with these injections. And its unaware of the inexpensive people was administered by a very UnForgetable, which was bought from the black markets.

A cow/buffalo is Milked thrice a day for Maximum output, at many places machines are used so that maximum milk can be suctioned out this way the tortures process continues, And if These machine are left unattended, then even after the milk is over, it keeps pulling,leading to blood & pus as well being secreted with loads of agony to the mother.

This is not Right, Yes, blood and pus in the milk as per International standards, its validation to a specific level, blood and pus in milk is allowed And internationally they do check it as well. But in India who checks anything.. None knows how much blood or pus is there in the milk.

Anyway back to the mothers story, With continuous torture to the mother, she is constantly milked, Immediately after 3 months of delivering her baby, The mother cow/buffalo is again made pregnantby the same artificial insemination method, invasive abusive and troublesome for the cow.

after 9 months she is ready to birth another baby This way, why is she made to deliver a baby every year ? Because without delivering a baby, she will not give any milk. just like us, humans. In humans, when does a woman lactate, only after she delivers. Same way with bovines, they also lactate only after delivery.

pashupalan agriculture tips
pashupalan agriculture tips

the lactating never continues forever, it stops after 10 months or so. so, to keep the cows/buffaloes lactating continuously, they are made pregnant every year again and again forcefully, artificially. 24th month the 1st calf 36th month the 2nd calf 4th year the 3rd calf 5th year the 4th calf This way every year the poor thing keeps delivering a calf.

At the same spot, she is injected by Oxytocin, she suffers from troubles of the owners She stands at the same spot.She is tied in. No exercise or movements she is injected by Oxytocinsand steroids, so that maximum milk flow continues. Injected by antibiotics She is feed at the same place At the same place, she is surround by her dung,urine and shits. And same place she delivers as well That is her life.

The poor people’s pinkies, a milk machine is made, the way a calf is up to 4-5 times, leaves its body, its body can not take stress, he fell in 4-5 years, if he is lucky that he lives in the 6th year. It is unable to manage more now, his milk stops, he can not be pregnant now as she prevents milk.

He becomes a burden, what to do with him, he sends a widow house, he is sold for a small amount, and for a visit to the legal, there is a very painful process in every politician, which is not in all the states, where they are repented, where the repentance is done, West Bengal or Kerala, likely to be congratulated, the poor is taken to different states so far and it is taken in a very difficult way, so that the cow gets pain in pain.

To exploit for only 5-6 years, milk is being abused, and it is also a very fire fighting death, total abuse, total exploitation, a very brutal painful and unhappy life. India’s population is 135 million a large population, number 2 in the world. In some years we will leave China behind India 135 crores (1.35 billion) human population and 30 crores (300 million) Cattle population Why are we so many cattle? Why do we need them?

The consumption of milk milk is 22% of the world’s largest consumption of the world’s mild consumption, 13-15% of cattle population in India, we have a lot of cattle due to the needs of “miles”. Where it is used in milk, in …

We are using 25 million catfish, which we need these 30 crores, which we need these 30 crores, which is very 30% of the 30 times, which are 25% of the 25 pairs of 25 crores (2550), 25% of the 25% of the 25% (1450 million) worth 25 million (1450 million) men, 25% of the 25% (1450 million) males, 25% of the 25 percent of the 25 percent of the 25 percent of the 25 percent of the 25 percent of the 25 percent of the 25 percent of the 25 percent of the 25 percent of the 25 percent of the 25 percent of the 25 percent of the 25 percent of the 25 percent of the 25 percent of the 25 percent of the 25 percent of the 25 percent of the 25 percent of the 25 percent of the 25 percent of the 25 percent of the 25 percent of the 25 percent of the 25 percent of the 25 percent of the 25 percent of the 25 percent of the 25 percent of the 25 percent of the 25% (1450 million) worth Rs. 5 years. This many men calves have been killed every year! 12.5 million female calves – they do not even survive after being abused for 5-6 years, they are also sent to the width house, these cows are taken in a very bad condition, they are taken into a slave, they are in a truck, they are all standing, they are going to do it, therefore, they are constantly moving and taken them, they once again take it to relax, once they stop comfortably, they have tobacco and cold in their eyes, their capital is twisted and broken and they fall in pain as a very sadness, but they end up in the pain after the very sadness.

Bulleting has been killed, it is not a systematic instant way to kill, but rather a replicated stopping knife with whom they try to be on the thrill of their throat, they are suffering because they are slow in the front of each other. Global, which are very dear to us, which we love and respect.

As soon as they are innocent and soft hexane, we do them, we use them badly for 5-6 years and finally it is ethical to send them old for painful death.

Leather industry, which is closely connected to this industry, uses these leather from these canals, while my skin is good and healthy until I live, but as soon as I die, then we need good quality leather we do .. We do not live in my life, yes, some industry.

pashupalan agriculture tips
pashupalan agriculture tips

The live skin skins video polishing the skin is skin-off the skin is easy to use the animals’ and the then organs are alive, they are still alive and they die threatening slow. Some calf’s have been killed for their leather, because it is the best soft leather or premium leather used for membranes, belts, purses, and wallet, do we really want such cruel products? Are these products very important for us? No, why are not we all these cruelty why these huge goza population is in India

30 crores (300 million) cattle and when these cattle is not used, it is sent to slaughter, thus we are in large amounts of BEF India and Brazil to be a biggest exporter of a twenty world, in a large quantity than the buffet, because its domestic consumption is more than. My only question is whether we will allow 10% of this cruel process for humans, we will not. We will definitely not afford it, so why are we doing this toughness with these innocent animals? What have they done? Why should we milk so much? No, we do not want such cruel milk, please keep in mind these innocent animals, as we take part, is an important point, remember to share me, please think it ..

In humans, what is the biggest sentence? Jail and death are not for any of their own mistakes for their poor cattle because they are born because in the same gel in a Headley in the same hone in the same host, they are just tied to one place which they spend in their life. In the jail, they are tied up in one place and then slow down the death of a cruel death, slow down the death, think about it.

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