Best kisan problems solution(2020)

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Best kisan problems solution(2020)

Between 1995 and 2015, more than 3,00,000 farmers have suicide. Many workers are of opinion that it is a weak. In these 20 years, the real number of farmers suicides is more than 3,00,000, after 2016, the farmers suicide the entire national.

Best kisan problems solution(2020) the government has issued data on the farmers suicides.

Look at this ‘no data is available for fiscal suicides after 2016’ our government says! Namaskar friends! All India Farmer Sanghar Committee is an organization with more than India groups of India more than India.

Best kisan problems solution(2020) He has organized a Delhi on 30 to 30 and 30th December in the Delhi, which is called the farmer Mukta March. It has been estimated that more than 100,000 farmers will be involved in this March to join their voice in their marketing and demanding their rights!

His slogan ‘Dily’ will be ‘so far in the India has so many problems? What is their demand and how can you help them? I want to tell you all about this in this video. Come on, let’s see. Most of the farmers in India are small landholdings and monsoon rains are very unsure.

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What are the schemes for farmers in India?

Best kisan problems solution(2020)
Best kisan problems solution(2020)

Climate change has been added to the uncertainty and irregularity of monsoon. This is the reason why farming in India does not pay well. As you know, if the monsoon rain is good, then farmers get good yields.

But if there is no rainfall in rain, then there is a failure of the crop. But ironically, despite the monsoon, the farmers have to lose any way. The reason for this is an imbalance between the supply and demand. Even when production is good, then farmers have to sell their crops at low prices.

Best kisan problems solution(2020) Because the government does not want to increase the price levels. Therefore, it starts to release the stock to bring down the price. In the shares of food grains, it starts importing or starts importing them. For example, friends have a production of pulses in India in 2017. 22.95 million metric ton pulses were produced.

It was enough for the needs of the whole country. However, our government imported 6.6 million metric ton pulses. On the zero import duty, the supply and prices increased, which crashed in the whole country. Our farmers had to lose significant

best agriculture scheme|2020

It shows the administrative failure of the government, in many reasons, it is cited that we have lack of domestic storage facilities. And this is our market infrastructure is inadequate a few months ago our government raised on this issue and imported imports on pulses.

So that the cost of agricultural imports increased and it becomes more expensive. And our farmers can get a good step for their crops, it has taken a good step by the government, in the protest of the last month, the farmers demanded that more ban on the imports should be specially especially those crops whose production has increased in India.

The government had agreed with this demand. Another important reason Best kisan problems solution(2020)behind the movement of farmers is the MSP’s minimum support price which the government promises to buy crops from this farmers, if they fail to sell production in the market.

The government decides MSP for 26 crops, it changes every year, problem, friend, Best kisan problems solution(2020) that the growth rate of MSP has been very reduced in the last few years. Rating Agency, Crisil published a research report that the average rate of development in MSP between 2009 and 2013 was 19.3%, which means that the average rate of M1P has increased by the average rate of 19.3%, but in the last 3 years, IE, 2014-2017, the rate has been dropped up to 3.6%, you can see the rapid decline in the growth rate of MSP in the past few years, while the prices of gasoline and diesel are increasing, while the increase in the operation increases the cost of production for the farmers in 2018, finally awakened our government.

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types of agriculture solutions

  • Perhaps the reason for this behind is the next general election next year and in the future of the upcoming state elections, the ‘Richest Break show’ in MSP was growing, but with the ‘rise of breaking risk’, the problem is that it is still not enough if you change it in percentages and it comes with the average growth of the last 4 years, the average increase of the last 4 years increases only up to 5%, for example, the average of the 93% is compared to the year, the year.

  • The growth rate of 2018 is really very large, but it is still not the amount compared to the growth rate of 2009-13, because it is that Swaminathan says that the MSP growth is still below the recommended limit. And the farmers are still angry, the problem is that the government sets MSP but it can not apply it to the Earth’s report that only 10% of the farmers or less MSP can sell their products in the last 3 years. Many farmers are forced to sell their production at 30-50% below MSP. Because there are many small farmers who do not have access to the purchase system of the government, that is, the government’s process to buy farming crops.

  • Demonization is another major reason behind the poor condition of farmers last week, the Ministry of Agriculture has published a new report, in which revenues and farmers have been upgraded to farmers. When dimension was done, the weather was to sow and increase the rabbit’s crops and the Cyclops crops. Due to the lack of cash, many farmers can not sow or sell
  • National Seed Corporation could not sell 1.38 million quintals wheat seeds due to ‘Note-that date’. The reading is read inconvenient after reading this report. This is the reason why he took the U-turn and said that the report is not final and it has been withdrawn and a new report will be published. Which will tell that the note has benefited from the note to the farmers.

  • Always whenever some of the government is uncomfortable, even take such measures to hide the truth and hide it. What is the solution to these problems? There are two main demands in farmers running in Delhi

  • First of all, the Parliament calls special sessions of 21 days, and the second, it has passed in two blasts. 1. disavant from the average independence of the debtor.

  • Minimum benefit of agricultural items was guaranteed. 3 days of special sessions of the 21 days, the recommendation of the commission report of the owner Nathan was discussed, and this was done in the light and there are many solutions of farmers crisis but in the last years, it was not done in Parliament.

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solution for agriculture problems

Best kisan problems solution(2020)
Best kisan problems solution(2020)

There are problems of the world in the Parliament for appreciation of farmers; 3 days to walk on water crisis in India; 3 days for discussions of women’s farmers; 3 days for discussion of the rights of landless workers; And 3 days for debate on agriculture. Debate on the future of the agricultural industry in India

Does the company make monopoly and dominant in the future? Or the farmers will be kept safe? So basically it is a way of raising the problems of face with March farmers, so that public and government knows about these problems.

Today, on November 29, it has been estimated that more than 1900 more farmers Ramalela will come together in Delhi, Delhi. And tomorrow, November 30, the mark will be March, which you will remember the friend, another major farmer in Mumbai was in March of March.

It was very successful and special because urban middle class came to support farmers. Many doctors, lawyers and various middle class people used to water the farmers, help them and climb them with them. So the coordination committee of ‘Dily Chel’ is expected that people of the middle class will stand with farmers. For this reason, an informal platform for volunteers has been created.

Nationalist names for farmers have made many groups where people are coming together for farmers, farmers’ lawyers, for farmers, people from the different areas of the technical farmers for farmers are coming together to support the operators.

Friends, I urge you if you are Delhi, today or tomorrow, share with videos with our lawyers with a lawyer with social and share media, because you know that the mainstream (TV) media will not cover this. They are busy in their Hindu-Muslim subjects.

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