best kisan problems solution-2

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kisan problems solution-2

kisan problems solution-2A big challenge for us around the food is that we can produce enough food, quality food and safe food. In the 2050 we will have to eat ten billion people. Now we have 7 billion people in this world and we see how ducting food can be done correctly.

Originally it comes down to produce more and more it is the final advantage if we really want to reduce the effect on the environment,kisan problems solution-2 so we are receiving what we are receiving, who we want to eat. I do not think consumers feel very deeply about big social challenges, but what they worry about, they will be good quality food at this time. And we take it to accept it.

Well, I see the opportunity to completely change the production model of agriculture. Therefore, when you see exact agriculture, the way in today’s bright produce is, it is mostly a digitization of the old model, but if you finally see digitization, then it really actually crops production, mixed crop, staggered seeds, compressed cutting, through digital plant protection, enables different ways.

Precision Agriculture is common sense, but it is using technology technology in the sky and to target all kinds of wonderful things, to make the farmers’ job easier, to reduce the cost, reduce the run-off of the inputs, the negative impact on the environment can be done.

I think precision agriculture can also help protect biodiversity. If we can reduce the use of Fangalides for beginners identification methods, the second is on a hebrickides, where I think we do not need to spray the full field.

kisan problems solution-2
kisan problems solution-2

Whatever we think in the future, there is a farmer who will have a normal life compared to urban population, because it is still very demanding and if you want to attract a new generation and people want to keep on business, then you have to provide the same techniques, similar income and living situations

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And this is where precision agriculture plays a big role. I think that next generation will not have many opportunities to work within their own environment, who had more than generation.kisan problems solution-2 Now it is a global question and through the Internet and through new internet functions you can be connected to the globally and I think that our problems can only solve this way that we can work this world worldwide.

One of the biggest challenges, I think, how it will play and reorganize it to the area, because it leads to large fields. It leads to some decisions, maybe the farm is not taken any more,kisan problems solution-2 but somewhere in the food series. I would have worried that cultivation will be a business for big corporations only.

I think there is some personal partnership of farmers who should see us later, because then there is a variety of products we received by which is appropriate. We have to control and share this data with the ownership of data and share this data with the food chain. Ownership is a difficult task.

If you are the owner of the data and do not do any of the use of someone, you probably do not get the right information. I think there is some reluctance to adopt new technologies and kisan problems solution-2 we have to deal with it too. Okay, basically we require that technology provides better production.

We need more quality standards for more standards for quality products, processing efficiency, superior environmental services, more efficient machines, more.

kisan problems solution-2
kisan problems solution-2

For example, to do the deal with problems for fever in rural areas, we also need it to ensure that we need machines to talk to techniques, so we need to complete the needs of the offer of externally, as well as possible as possible. We need a strong EU market,kisan problems solution-2 we need to research and innovation in agriculture in the farm.

I think that farmers need to be multipurpose and multi in many ways, because they are the manager of nature, they are trying to take care of an environment that is unstable and continuously changed. They have to take care of the economic side of their businesses.

They will have to see where the market is developing. So they really need a very broad education. Many farmers have already many techniques in the farm, but it is very difficult to take full capacity from all techniques. The skills they need to proceed are very long, which are necessary in the past.

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Very low labor with high skills, more knowledge which we are looking for. And they need to give some capabilities to understand potentially and they can do with technology.kisan problems solution-2 The technical side is not being published in any place where there is enough within the schools.

We need to get the curriculum full of agriculture and food related examples, so that they work, they teach their education in food and cultivation. And so we can create an effective interest, kisan problems solution-2 we need to make the type of people who come in the industry, which we will need in the future. They also have to develop some organization all capabilities.

They have to manage their farm in a different way and have to cooperates with other farmers. But I think this is important here that Europe may need to improve a lot.kisan problems solution-2 In our past, our states were very strong research and consultant services that support our producers and they know that they know. It wants to know that the transfer.

The farmer was hungry and still hungry for knowledge. Many countries have literally broke that support system. They are not investing in research and innovation adequately and they are not certainly messaging the field at the farm level.

Europe should also be active and has a certain agriculture that is also different from the agriculture in the US for instance.kisan problems solution-2 If it comes to quality products, if it comes to the diversity of products.

So I do not wait until Europe does to wait for nothing at the global level or until it is solved somewhere and the developed technique. Precision Agriculture is not a goal in itself, it is part of good agricultural practices.

If you want to intensify the speed of adoption or people need to go through the procedures of learning necessary for this technique, then we have investment assistance, European innovation partnership, where farmers and input industry and food processors and ICT companies, big or initials, those problems can work together, which they want to solve with ICT.

kisan problems solution-2
kisan problems solution-2

We spend a lot of money to comply with all types of rules, including nothing to emission rules, which is nothing to do with precise cultivation. So if we can achieve more balanced rules, then we can dedicate more R & D funds for accurate agriculture.

This is the first point and the second issue we dedicate more funds in Europe in the future, which is now called Horizon 2020.

Therefore, in these sense, these policies can be targeted even more technologies if we think it will be useful. We can learn from each other and I think that if we enable people to science and research for the option to take the right decision then the best benefit is happening.

And foresight gives us a clear view of the options that are there and who affects the society. As a politician, I really think of the concept of foresight that we think a bit more.

That we do not react to different crisis, but we think ahead and we are more support in making our policy. That’s why I think that will be very interesting future. Not only for agriculture, but in Brussels, we will need to discuss all these issues.

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