best agriculture forms house-1

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best agriculture forms house-1

I have been trained as a cook L’Institute Paul Boseus in Luo for three years, so I went to Paris where I worked in three Michelin Star restaurants in the LAN ARG, best agriculture forms house-1Chef Alman is known for the owner of the vegetable-driven recipes, and this is where you arrive there and open everything, when you get there, you get there from every vegetables every day, which we live around Paris and a little bit of me are sanction in a small market.

That’s why I read the book to the gardener by Jean Martin Fortier, which is a Canadian man who studied ecology and decided to make a micro form. And this is the place that everything started,best agriculture forms house-1 I was here two less than the square meter and a little bit I was trying some things and I asked my parents that I can do this farm and I took it more years, my money to prepare for everything and mathematics.

We have a great crowd that was great, and now we are in our first big season with a hectare. This means that we are five times bigger than last year. We are working two months now, we will have three people and we have two greenhouse for a small plants,best agriculture forms house-1 we have everything from the plant from the seed and it is to go from the seeds to the plate, which means that I have to meet the balance between cooking and gardening, which is going to be a long way. I think this is my farm my micro form.

best agriculture forms house-1
best agriculture forms house-1

So here we have a herb agriculture forms house-1 We have more than 25 varies which we use for markets which we sell them, but for all our treatments we only do natural treatments, which we do so on the ferment of ferment fermentation. So organic groups of one of the major tools are those who are for the casts that are for cabbage and thus we are going to eat some worms.

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It is one of the boring goods about biological covers you have to cover all the cruiser family, which is attacked with some small insects and if they are not really beautiful then you will not sell them.

It is just with our customers, which they are with customers, they do not accept any vegetables, they should be beautiful shiny clean, best agriculture forms house-1 which means a lot of works, but in the end we are happy when we see beautiful vegetables. When I started las nearby Day Chivra.

I thought as a cook, which means that I select more than 200 varieties and I can be more than a thousand 50000best agriculture forms house-1. It is very good because I can talk to the restaurant and sell them to those vegetables, they need and they want a little bit, eagerly Emitigit them, what can you be in this season.

We try to choose a restaurant that choose like old varieties and colors and special products, which we have a lot of small vegetables such as mini carrot mini san and accessories such as it is more profitable because it grows fast and they also enjoy the products that they will not be able to enjoy another cook when you think as a cook, it means you have a big pallet and you can express yourself and find new flavor to new tastes.

So it is kind as you are a painter and you want to make your own color? You will go to nature and take grass for green color and take flowers for this color. You will produce everything from the dirt for your painting. It’s the same for cooking now.

You go from the plate from the seeds and you understand that we can do a plate about the carrot, which will be with some seeds that will be weighed and that you can be carrot fresh carrots, best agriculture forms house-1then there is hardly a fermented carrot and then we have a leaf leaves with then and then we can put the carrot dough and you can do everything about the carrot, when you are possible, how do you know how to handle and develop your own products.

So everything is organized as permanent bed, they are 36 meters long and 75 Centimeters, we use this technique because we think that now it is the best technique and we are living we have our tast,best agriculture forms house-1 which we work with GM, which means that we do very amendments like comics and accessories and we organize this kind of way to this way, and this way it is easy.

best agriculture forms house-1
best agriculture forms house-1

Then we like the garden, we say the garden, but it is like some kind of type, we have 11 different areas and this way you have this year that we will be leak and carrots here, best agriculture forms house-1then they will go to next year next year and when you work with rotation crop, you will change all the nutrients you do not have all the diseases and you have to do it. This is the law that is great because you have to do this.

Otherwise, your soil will be dead or it will not be balanced because it should be and now we are going to two cold house. Where we have the only cucumber and the second tomatoes, this week is already coming in this cucumber that is good for us.

If we had a greenhouse that we will be warm, we will be cucumbers from yes, possibly like at least two or three weeks before, you have power and everything it is complex and we also believe that we have to wait for people and for those people do not need to be funded, which is to catch the cucumber and tomatoes and all those summer crops and on the other hand we are our tomatoes who really proudly used.

They are growing well this week and in the beginning of next year, we will have our first tomatoes, we have less than 600 small plants and 30 varieties and I can only have 60 hours or 6 percent only than one hundred compared to only one varieties,best agriculture forms house-1 with about which I have different catalogue and shops and people have their family.

Tbest agriculture forms house-1here is a lot of work but again being colorful and great and everyone is waiting for them. So when it starts, we have a lot of lots and lots and tomatoes you keep for some seeds? We do not produce their own seeds now because it is a special job, but in the next three years I want to start at least of my own tomato seed and in this way you want to go for everything that you grow over more than 200 varieties, but I believe it is important and it is important to understand and understand almost a new step.

best agriculture forms house-1So here we are in the nursery because I said before we work from the plate in the plant from the plate, if we have to sell salad every week, we will seed them every week, as we can supply continuously, which means we have fresh salads and if you wait, they will go seeds and you can not eat them anymore so that we have a plan for this plan and here is one and the farm strategic location and again.

best agriculture forms house-1
best agriculture forms house-1

best agriculture forms house-1Whatever we have done, we have made everything and we are running in all the farm and all technical aspects of the farm are here and this is where everything starts the life of life, so there are some Swiss cheese which will end this big growth.

best agriculture forms house-1We have three varieties who have yellow white and red, we have some Zucinis. We saw them in the area. They were big but they start this way for example, they live in two nursery for Jukcinis, but Swiss charges will remain at least 30 days, which means that we plan it again, we are Tulsa that we are plants every month It’s some fresh and beautiful basil for all.

We have some purple we have some lemon tulsi that we have some basic basil and we have some Greek tulsi here and then we have something and mint and we can go for hours and hours, so here we are going to washing station where we all are vegetables after all those who lose.

Here, we all have an organization for conscious, which they roam from water and they put water in a water or spin or dry. And after that they go to our cold room, which is also a game changer for us, now we can keep fresh vegetables for a few days.

We actually store them in a better way and we can also keep our treatment there, which means that when they are ready, we put them here at 2 degrees and they live very well in many sets everywhere in Switzerland now. There are more than three farm that are about to be closed, every farm is bigger and bigger.

The challenge with a micro form is only a profitable with a hectare which is a big garden, but today a small farm is a significant practice in a significant practice today, which we do here and on the sustainable bed and work by hand.

We can do this, which means that we have 5 rows of carrots and generally we have only 3 rows of carrots in one place, if we have an important tractor, then one of the other important elements is to sell directly to people and people directly and there is no business between us and the customer is sometimes only one that means that we get more money for our carrots, if we sell a company, which will sell for a supermarket.

best agriculture forms house-1
best agriculture forms house-1

My goal will change half the part of the vegetables of the farm, which means that the temporary restaurant tables are called in the form of dots, do not conversion, nor what is the Elecker which is a laboratory where we can use in all year’s round and wherever I want and whatever we want to start a farm or garden or anything, anything can do.

I will say that your time plan should take everything, even if your plan will be ready, and even you will be surprised, but you will be more confident and will be ready for failure.

If you lose money, then how will you be ready for the worst but be ready for the best and be ready to work, you will actually wake up early in the morning today and late in the evening I think that the important factor is happy and inspired if it is very complicated or you think it is very difficult or take anything more time, but I think that one year is really fast and I did it in one year, which is good.

I am happy with it but nothing will be ready, you will feel more confident and relaxed. Talk to a lot of farmers It is really important that they will advise you and not be careful because it is all that you think that you are able to manage everything you see and you see that you can not manage everything.

So be ready to make some options and if you know where you are going, then I can recommend the Gene Martin Fortier Book “best agriculture forms house-1”, which is great how to grow and be profitable.

He advises money and whatever you need, it does not mean that Jean Martin Fortier is the best example that you have to do your own farm and have some Pacific plugs that can be basic but you learn to organize this part andbest agriculture forms house-1 you can also read emerging Coleman books You can find the best on the technology you can find on the technology and try to do some videos on YouTube Trying to try anything.

Everything on everything in one hundred square meters, maybe more, but when you grow up, you try everything in this way, whatever is going crazy, but at least read more to read more read and read Read that read the best advice that I can agriculture forms house-1 I went to a bio deactivation culture so I have read a lot of books from Rudolph Skinner, but it is another specific subject I chose which I have to myself in the Voyal!

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