“benefits of eating bananas”

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benefits of eating bananas|banana an herb or fruit

This part has brought you by Touk excellence: ‘Yan angle Magling! In the banana industry, the benefits you get to compete. benefits of eating bananas Then take a seat, and learn the management practices of Digon’s banana form.

There are two types of plants: Sucking who is a mobilization of a plant, and there are farmers in the lactator. Farmers use too much benefits because they are growing in the laboratory. Only the best is grown, and which are sick, bacteria and fungus are easily endowed. benefits of eating bananas However, suckers are generally used because they are more affordable and easy to use fields.

Prepare it by preparing your farm and make sure it relieves grass and rocks. The strike is that the soil is fertile, bananas nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are required. benefits of eating bananas|banana an herb or fruit When the field gets ready, then diameter diges a complete ten centimeters and six inches depth. Sucking or cousiver plant and clay cover. To avoid air socket, let it with flat with your boot.

What are the benefits of eating bananas?

benefits of eating bananas
benefits of eating bananas

Manage your farm should be organized regularly and to be skilled in shot, labor and time management. Part of the management is rotating your plants. Pick one or two good suckers to get it, because it will be one to change the mother plant during a harvest once.

These suckers are called follower, a good follower increases straight up from the soil, and the leaves like beautiful swords have been selected once the good followers have been selected, remove the other suckers button sucker button, which is small or smaller based on the basis of large or mile plants such as the button.

Another sucker that needs to be removed, is water-sucking. It is a sucking that increases to yourself near your banana plant. It should be removed because it horses water and nutrients from the soil. Another good practice is the leaf.

Does banana make you fat?

Now and then, go around your farm and remove the dead, yellow or broken leaves of plants. Let the leaves fall on the ground because they will work as a failure for your plants. Apply fertilizer near your plant, especially after frustration. There are more massives due to moist and rainy season in highlands, diseases and bacteria. To avoid this, spray copper fangal on your plants leaves.

When your plant is nine months, then the heart of flowers or mage will increase. Inject the heart of banana with pesticides to save from insects and other insects. Later, mark the trunk of your plants to avoid redundant injection.

When the last hand appears, your plants are ready for bizzies. Pesticide is spraying on fruits, so during the next three months, they will not be infected with the insects and the fruits will be healthy. Before buying fruits, remove the flowers on the hands of the banana’s tip and the heart so that the quality of development will be focused on the remaining hands. Later, remove the heart of the banana and mark it to live.

what are the benefits of eating bananas everyday?

benefits of eating bananas
benefits of eating bananas

Cover each hand with plastic, later to ensure that the hands will be the flower flow. Then cover them the whole bunch with plastic to protect them from insects, bad weather and other elements. Each geo-bunch should be tagged. Each baggage is a assigned tag color in the day.

A person punish the trunk of the plant plant plant that keeps the weight of the fruit. It will fall into itself and it will be supported by the other shoulders, then cut the base of the banana bunch and support the person to take the entire bunch for the truck. Hang the bunch and cut each hand of one banana by one.

In this way, it will be easy to manage the cutting program. After backing, keep bamboo to support the plant because after the thirteen weeks, the fruits becomes heavy, your ken is ready for crop. After three months, assign to minimum three people to crop the banana.

benefits of eating bananas while pregnant

Raised hands on the truck and make sure that they are well mattresses to avoid injury or waste fruits. Meanwhile, cut the mother plant in the middle. Do not cut it until the water contained in the mother plant can still be used by followers.

Cut the leaves and trunk that can work as followers of the followers. As passes through time, carefully catching care as a mother, it is dry on the basis. When the follower has grown, then cut it with the mother plant and changed it in the available space.

To focus on treatment and development and to take care of the leaves, remove your leaves for nutrients. Intrushed around the nearest and deleted leaves coming from the body of the mother plant to ensure its and above development.

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After eight nine months, the heart of the banana will grow again and another preparation for a rich crop is coming. This part was brought to you by Touk Excellence: ‘Yan Ang Magling! We all know that we are producing athletes and are not hosts which are for table food, so their health is very important.

benefits of eating banana flower

We are known for the field management as you can see, the farm is very clean, well kept. benefits of eating banana flower For our drug program, vaccination is very important. Our usage of excellence and their medicines have been paid fortunately, we came with excellence products.

benefits of eating bananas

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