Bagan wa tomato

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 The cultivation of the baggage tomatoes is in 12 months, so it is called CashPar Crop, although water is in the mouth if it is water, then the sky touches the less harvesting. Baggage is beneficial for diabetic patients. Vitamin is in the tomatoes. Both crops usually require warm climate.

Cultivation of wagon


  •   Two mamation clay for the cultivation of the bag is the best of the rhychbing open and water exhaust in the land. 
  •  There is a 1 meter width and 3 meters long about 15 to 20 kilos for preparation of a hectare of agricultural irrigation. Put the nursery location according to the need of goodly etc.
  •  If the son is worm of the worm disease, 8 to 10 grams of carbo cures get in the land of 3G per square meter at the rate of ground.
  •  The nursery should not be made from 10 to 15 centimeters from the land. There is a need for 400 to 500 grams between plantation transplantation in a hectare.

Treat the seeds at the rate of seeds at the rate of seeds from Hi-Ram or Captain 2 grams per kilo before sowing.

Tomato cultivation


  •  Tomato seeds are not directly in the farm and do not be signed in the nursery
  •  For this, 1 meter wide and 5 meters long should be made from 15 cm high convergence.
  •  Put the manure in the field before seed seed.
  •  Seeds should formalize at 2 grams per kg of rates.

​For the summer crop, in September, and the source of winter crop in September. There is a need for 400 to 500 grams between plantation in a hectare.

​The crisis variety is suitable for 150 to 200 grams per hectare plant. To save from the nurseds inevas, monocrothosus 36 SL, 1 mm and together with the defend of water and make-up gel 2 grams per liter, waterprew.

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