About us


Step 1 - Introduction


  Hi! I am Prabhudeva, the founder of Kisan tips.

More than 2020 blogging has been experienced in blocking and since 2020,  agriculture Technique and  Kisan tips have been followed.

 I started some agriculture tips and learned a lot to share with my readers.

​​ I welcome all my experiences and findings to catch all of your little world.


Step 2 - We are gardeners

 Before write articles on this site, backup the server where this site is stored.

 the development of the website code that comes to life, it comes to life or awake every day to work, we are gardener .

 We know how dirt among our fingers and how it can be thrilled to see your first orbit or year's blooms, or how it is to choose from cutting in a good fruit which you have been chosen from your own garden.


Step 3 - Private Value information

 The idea behind bringing this forum is to provide valuable information to our readers. In this modern state-of-the-art edge of technology agriculture tips. 

many things are changing day-day days and readers are actually getting rounded to legal and accurate content to solve their problems.

We have shared by sharing on the four driving key platforms like blogging, , digital Kisan tips and internet technology agriculture tips to solve the problems of this reader to solve the problems of this platform.


Step 4 - Address Information


word nu. 07 garanjidihi vishrampuri baderajpur

Pine code:-494347, district kondagaon, state  chhattisgarh, India